31. Oktober 2023 | Gartenhalle Karlsruhe

EGV HYP – The perfect explosion vent for hygienic applications


EGV HYP –  The perfect explosion vent for hygienic applications

The smooth surfaces, in combination with the patented, full surface and tapered sealing concept, enable these special explosion vent to be implemented in previously critical plants, e.g. spray-dryers with/without wet cleaning, fluidized bed dryers, filters and mixers.
EGV HYP successfully passed the cleanability tests conducted by the commission of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and confirmed its suitability for CiP cleaning.
The EGV HYP can be adapted to the radius of the container avoiding unwanted dead spaces and making it ideal for use with cylindrical tanks. If the product is to be used in outdoor areas, a closed cell silicon cushion insulation is available to prevent the build up of deposits that may occur when the temperature drops below the dew point. Insulation also minimises temperature and energy losses.

These features of the hygienic design of the EGV HYP improve product quality and also protect processes against contamination and production standstills.



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