31. Oktober 2023 | Gartenhalle Karlsruhe


Q-Ball® E

In addition to the requirement that neither flames nor pressure escape from the protective system, flameless venting devices should also be evaluated in terms of their relief effectiveness and weight. Because: Low efficiencies mean that more relief openings and associated protective systems are required. A too heavy weight requires conversions to the container in order to ensure its stability.

The Q-Ball® E has been specifically designed for the protection of mechanical conveyors, which usually have long and sleek geometries. Based on the contour-parallel venting (CPV) invented by REMBE®, the innovative design has resulted in a low weight of the Q-Ball® E while also have a higher effectivity. While comparable products from other suppliers weigh between 100-200 kg, the Q-Ball® E is an absolute lightweight with just 25-50 kg.
This particularly facilitates the handling during assembly, as well as the requirements for the installation on the systems.



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