31. Oktober 2023 | Gartenhalle Karlsruhe


Slurry Pumps

For over 40 years MULTOTEC – a sister company to STEINHAUS GmbH – has been producing a wide range of machines and wear parts for treatment technology.
In South Africa, Australia and America – in fact, everywhere in the world in major mineral processing plants – “made by MULTOTEC” is a synonym for high quality, operational reliability and maximum profitability.
STEINHAUS GmbH is bringing the tried and tested slurry pumps, together with spare parts fully compatible to other OEM Equipment to Europe.
We supply a complete range of pumps for medium and heavy duty slurry applications, including cyclone feed, spirals feed, mill discharge, tailings disposal, filter feed, effluent discharge and spillage.
Available with short lead times, the pumps are designed to efficiently transfer abrasive and corrosive slurries in wide range of industries, from mining and mineral processing to pulp and paper and wastewater treatment.






zu Ihrer regionalen Fachmesse für die Pulver-, Granulat- und Schüttgut-Industrie.